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    Just picked up BTW yesterday following my watching of a few gameplay videos on YouTube, played about 4 hours in my first session and enjoyed it quite a bit. Looking forward to seeing where development goes, and taking part in more organized play. BTW reminds me in some respects of the original America's Army game - especially fights on the bridge map - and yes, that reference should give you some indication of how old I am. May be looking for a group to play with at some point, once I learn all of the gameplay elements sufficiently. See you on the battlefield!
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    OK......got team chat working by using a free standing mic....my Logitech headset G-933 seems to have been the issue. Why? I dunno....better for someone who knows what they are doing to figure it out! So far, after reinstalling the game (again) it has not crashed. I am assuming steam denied my refund due to time played, but half that time was the game not running in the background (silent crash). No worries.....I wanted the game, just not a game I could'nt play.... good to be back!
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    I agree, melee is slow and clunky at the moment, hand weapons especially. It definitely needs much improvement. However, I'm not sure if just picking one of the options would sufficiently buff it to be more viable than just shoving the business end of your rifle in their gut and pulling the trigger. I would prefer options 1 and 3 - the staggering amount of time it takes between clicking and your blow landing is by and far the thing that gets me killed the most (the wind-up time specifically needs to be cut drastically), but it wouldn't be enough to give you an edge over someone with a rifle in a trench rounding a corner, who can just put a bullet in your gut and move on with it. Therefore, being able to prepare your attack ahead of time would really improve it's usefulness. Option 1 would also indirectly improve blocking, since there's less downtime between when you can start blocking again to defend yourself against the enemy's return blow if you miss. Side note: for melee fights, the animations for the opposing player need to be synced better. More times than I can count I've been killed by someone who swung at me, but I didn't see their wind-up animation so I didn't try to block. Blocking is quite worthless if you can't actually anticipate when to block.
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