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    I have always been a fan of military history. Just something about the smell of blackpowder and the screeching sound of a Tiger tanks tracks. Just fills me with interest. Always been a fan of WWI and the tactics and equipment used. Found out as a kid that my great grandfather served in the 21st Lancers (AKA The Death or Glory Boys) and road on Horseback with a beautiful black horse who's name i cannot say. From then on i found such an interest in my own family's military history.
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    Hi and thankyou for reading this post , We are a small group at present {English speaking} but we would like to invite people to join our discord .https://discord.gg/NdztXT and hopefully build a BWCC community for fun but also for competitive gaming within Beyond the wire , Squad, Hell let loose etc . There will be no rank structure within the group apart from Admins and mods We would prefer people over 21 but a mature attitude will suffice. As we are a new group we are hoping to attract people with knowledge of all the things that make a good community tick so please if you have any skills relevant to that and are up for the challenge please drop in. Most importantly PLAYERS we welcome all at present ,going forward, with comp games those who want to to play can but casuals are also welcome.
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    Family connections to history make for greater stories. Both of my Grandfathers were drafted in 1917, but were married with children, and were never called into service.
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    Would be great if they could also sync players accounts to this forum or something so people can see other peoples medals
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    WW1 is important to me, as it was a major turning point in history for most countries. For my country, Canada, it was pivotal in forming an identity of our own, where we showed our determination, grit, and resolve in the face of extreme situations, even from our own people! Here's looking at you, Sam Hughes. The push of technologies is also a big interest of mine, especially some of the trench created items, and many of the "bolt on" solutions to try and turn bolt action rifles into semi or full auto contraptions. My family history is important as well, and thankfully we have some very extensive records, most notably around my great grandfather. He fought through out the war, signing up in 1916, and was initially attached to the Eaton Motor Machine Gun Battery, which eventually reformed with other units to become the Canadian Motor Machine Gun Brigade. He rode around on his motorcycle, spotting enemy machine gun batteries, and relayed that information so the Canadian mobile machine guns could ride up on them, and take them out. He was eventually wounded by shrapnel. The story goes that he came under artillery or mortar fire, and the standard procedure was to ditch your motorcycle, and get to cover. Well, he didn't want to ditch the motorcycle, because he had a fresh cigar in his coat pocket, and was afraid he'd ruin it. So he kept on, and was hit by a piece of shrapnel. He healed up, and continued on, and was awarded two medals for his ability to spot the entrenched machine guns and report back the information. I haven't played the game yet, its currently downloading, but I can't wait to get into it. The few videos I've watched of gameplay looks amazing.
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    Have been interested in WW1 for a while. Have many books and dvd series. Knowing that it could have been avoided makes it all the more interesting. The global scale of the war itself and the nations involved was amazing. Although America arrived late in the war, their presence was decisive. And the advent of the weapons, from the machine gun, submarine, airplanes and tanks, made the casualties even more horrendous. The catastrophic changes ushered in by the war,are still felt today. Especially the Middle East, that was carved from the Ottoman Empire. Lookin gforward to this game as it progresses, and have enjoy the small time I have spent in game so far.
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    My WWI started when I learned about my family history. My original interest in history started when my parents took me when I was little to the US National WW2 museum about an hour away from where I live. Since then I have been incredibly interested in Military history. My interest in WWI started when I found out I had some veterans on the British side of my family. One was a minesweeper in the Royal Navy, another a pilot, another in the Medical Corps, and a couple others in the infantry. There were so many stories from them and from there I just went with it. For some reason I’ve been really drawn to the Battle of Passchendaele. I just find that one especially interesting.
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