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    The Powerbits Gameteam is a highly experienced clan that has set its footprints in games since as early as 2006. Our team has a refined ethos which guides us forward and keeps us grounded to our core values. PBS is organized and stable with trainings and wars with opportunities for any kind of player. PBS values Integrity, friendship and the character of the players above everything else! We participate in many events and wars and have great teamplay, checkout our warpage: https://pbsgameteam.com/clanwars/ Discord: pbsdiscord.com Website: https://pbsgameteam.com/ Facebook: http://facebook.com/PBSGATEAM Twitter: http://twitter.com/PBSGAMETEAM Team movie: https://youtu.be/fQ48ZgcTjko Our future server is coming the 21st Join us on: http://www.pbsgameteam.com/join-us
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    Great to have you in the BTW community , PBS!
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    So excited to have fun with the PBS
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    game is looking great, and PBS is the best place to play! come join our community guys! we'd love to have you!
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    Hi , I am Powerbits, I am the clanleader of the powerbits gameteam and play mainly HLL and Rs2. We like to add Beyond the Wire to our maingames. Looking forward to it.
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    Weclome powerbits! Looking forward to seeing you on the battlefield
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    Looking forward to the game and having a great time with PBS!
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