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  2. So i watched this game and had it on my wish list and finally decided to drop the $50 and purchase. I researched that my Rig specs were better than the game specs, and was confident that this would be a great game. I am sorry to say that unfortunately this game is for me completely unplayable, I am lucky if it even loads. I have been able to at least get into the firing range and shoot some guns. Twice. But as far as loading the actual game and play , well thats just not happening. Receiving constant unreal engine errors , crash windows coming up, I submit the error as always. This normally happens in the intial loading of the main multiplayer interface. Looks like $50 down the crapper Anyone else having these issues ??
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  4. Welcome Soldiers! The development for Beyond The Wire is now fully engaged towards the next stretch of updates, and we have our latest recap to show exactly what work has been kicked off since Operation Two release. While a reduced number of devs worked to get small updates out to prepare for the free weekend, the rest of the team have started on this next phase of content for the game. Check out the progress below! Canadian Expeditionary Force Infantry NCO Character Model After finally revealing our roadmap recently, we can start sharing the work done for the faction so far! With a unique uniform arriving with this force, the art team have finalised the character models, which already look fantastic! The CEF would never be complete without the iconic Ross MK III, and they will be arriving in Beyond The Wire wielding this famous rifle. Renowned for its accuracy for the times, we are sure our players will enjoy deploying with this firearm! It wouldn’t be right to leave you without showing the Smith & Wesson either. The Hand Ejector 2nd model – modified for .455 Webley rounds will be one of the first weapons the Canadians will be equipped with when heading out Beyond The Wire. The early stages of development are well underway for the debutant battle for the Canadians – Vimy Ridge. The level design team have pulled together the majority of the white boxing with the level taking shape with the unmistakable ‘pimpled’ ridge line dominating the area. Playtests on this new field of battle have already started internally to ensure the map delivers a truly unique experience. A new favourite map for many of the developers, we think the community will also love taking part in this battle! Animations Animations for BTW are still being crafted as we introduce new weapons and polish existing animations. Both the Hotchkiss 1914 and Modele 75mm field canon are now rigged with full animations. We know you have been keeping an eye out for the French weapons, and they’re on the way! Customization and Progression Our last livestream showed some of the concept images for our new customization and progression system coming this summer. Showing here the proposed new main menu and how the new Headquarters sub-menu will look. While this system is currently being iterated on, we love the style already but you can expect the final version to be different! This new system is taking substantial work on the front end, but the engineering team have also been working hard to ensure that the tracking of player actions and stats in-game ensure a stable framework for this new system, which will be bringing with it a brand new scoring system and end of round scoreboard! We will be going into detail with a dedicated blog on the progression system, so stay posted for that soon! Another change coming with this overhaul will be an update to loadout icons. Aiming for a more fitting theme, our artists have designed these new icons for player roles which will look fantastic against the backdrop of our new menu! Tanks That’s right, tanks will be entering the fray later this year as well, and work has begun in getting a working prototype inside the maps. While the work to implement such game-changing features will take some time, we have been excited to share what has been done so far! Showcasing a male Mk IV patrolling the fields of Combles reveals the progress so far, with independent track control to replicate the realistic movement as well as having working, operable cannons. While the systems needed for damage models and penetration values are still to be built, having a running tank able to drop into our levels means we can begin the process of moulding the game and any existing maps for these new additions. As always Soldier, stay posted for more articles as these new toys move closer to completion. In the meantime, we’ll see you in the trenches! BUY NOW ON STEAM
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    Is it possible if i could obtain the Heightmap of Zonnebeke? i would like to try tinkering with making a map in Arma 3, and Zonnebeke is a good test ground to see how it would work. sorry if im asking in the wrong channel,or at all. Questions was a bit full, and quiet.
  7. I know, that's why I said 150kph, which is ridiculously slow for military aircraft in any war after ww1 and also within the specs of most ww1 fighters. Long story short, most maps that are maybe 1,5km long at best, will be overflown in a bit over 30 sec.
  8. I think it's not only me who having Problems with my FPS in Beyond the Wire and my question is will it be better in the future? I have a good pc with an Amd Ryzen 3600x and a 2070 Super OC and the game is running with 30-75Fps on Low 1920x1080
  9. I think for those players who would love to have a - mug / t-shirt / Guide Book - or anything to have at home from Beyond The Wire i mean my idea is to sell something to have at home. -- Some Games do that. hope you enjoy my idea.
  10. You got an updated Discord link there, link don't seem to work
  11. we all know we all makes mistakes everyone is not perfect sometimes we can shot a team player by mistake and we don't want that of course we want to shot enemies (other team). so here's my idea the name of our team players appears when we got close them in green and enemies appears red to make it easier to not shot team players i hope my idea is worth something tell what you think opinions always good Gustavo (in game name)
  12. Well I created this topic becouse no game is perfect and players like enjoying a fun game - tell how you think sending ideas and feedback for the developers to make Beyond The Wire Game a better Experience. Gustavo CCM
  13. We will have to see on Monday after the free weekend
  14. I’m from Portugal - live in The Netherlands - My name is Gustavo i only play games when I am satisfied with my skills I never play with others without knowing how to play. When I find a game I like I don’t look only to the game but for the website design the answers of Community managers for me almost everything counts I always worry to be a the top rank - Gustavo CCM (in game name)
  15. Is beyond the wire having a good sales beginning with a lot of players? — i hope it will & I know you can make always better! Gustavo CCM
  16. Prologue: Ecaterina Teodoroiu was born in Romania, Oltenia, Targu Jiu in a family of farmers in 1894. She came from a family of 8 brothers: 5 boys and 3 girls. After she graduated school in 1909 she went to Bucharest in order to become a teacher. She was to become a teacher, but fate had other plans. When Romania joined World War I in 1916, she was sent to become a nurse on the battlefield, following regiment 18 where her brother, Nicolae, was fighting. Romania's battleplan called "Plan Z" was to defend in the south against Bulgaria while attacking in Trasnylvania against Austria-Hungary. The initial push was succesful and Romania occupied 1/3s of Transylvania. But then German Empire was called in support and with Austria-Hungary they managed to push Romania back, eventually fighting on Romanian territory with Romania on the defensive. During the war, her father was taken prisoner and 3 of her brothers were killed in action. After her 4th brother that she was serving with, Nicolae, was also killed in action, wishing to revenge her family's death, Ecaterina requested to actively take part in the battle and asked the commander of the 2nd division to be transfered to a combat unit. It was an unusual decision for a woman of that epoch, she was sent to the front rather reluctantly. However, she quickly proved her worthiness as a soldier. 1. 14th of October 1916, the First Battle of Targu Jiu -> Her first battle was right in her home town, where she distinguished herself with her bravery. The 1st Romanian army under general Ion Dragalina was under a powerful Central Powers offensive. The Central Powers managed to find a weak spot in the Romanian defense near the Gorj mountains. While the bulk of the army had no time to block the advancing 10th Bavarian Company, Ecaterina Teodoroiu went ahead with a team of scouts and managed to rally a team of team of civillians and policemen to arms. Together, Ecaterina Teodoroiu, with a team of scouts, civillians and policemen managed to push back the attack of the 10th Bavarian Company until reinforcements from the Romanian army came. After that defensive battle she got the nickname "Eroina de la Jiu" (The heroine of Jiu). "During the battle, in the afternoon, a force of a company and a half, with machineguns, managed so sneak past our central group and left detachement and reached the western side of the city, at the iron bridge. The news split like lightening in the whole city. However, through Ecaterina Teodoroiu a revolt and an extraordinary liveliness ecompassed the citizens of the city. "At the brige! at the bridge! Don't let the Germans enter the city!" they all shouted from everywhere. A police commissar came there as fast as he could with a few sergeants a company of 150 cops. With great enthusiasm, the "defense brigade" took position behind the breakwater of river Jiu, next to the public garden of the city. The Bavarian company entered the city, but was met with fire. Their repetead attemps did not succeed. The defenders kept them in respect on the other shore. Brave women healed the wounded next to the front line and carried ammo for the fighters. Among the defenders Ecaterina Teodoroiu distinguished herself with her courge and young spirit." - General Ion Dragalina 2. 18th of October 1916, the Encirclement of Ticleni -> Following a German encirclement, Ecaterina Teodoroiu was taken prisoner and sent to Carbunesti. After her company was surrounded by the enemy, Ecaterina Teodoroiu started shooting to create a diversion, killing several Germans and allowing most of the company to escape. 3. 19th of October 1916, the Escape at Carbunesti -> The night after she was captured, Ecaterina Teodoroiu managed to escape by shooting the Germans that guarded her and her platoon's commander using a hidden revolver. She managed to escape with other Romanian prisoners, being shoot in the leg while she was running. 4. 6th of Novemeber 1916, the Battle of Filiasi -> After the escape Ecaterina Teodoroiu returned to her unit on 6th of November, and continued fighting around the city of Filiasi. During the Battle of Filiasi, she was wounded again the the right leg by 2 enemy bullets. After 9 days of recovery, she returns to the battlefield, only to be wounded again in the left leg, this time more severly. While the Romanian army was retreating to Moldova, she was sent to hospitals in Craiova, Bucharest and eventually Iasi. "Being left with only 1 brother, as she said, she decided to take up arms as a soldier, in order to boost the morale of the soldiers and free her mother. Indeed, on 16th October 1916, after the furious clash at Targu Jiu, defeating the 10th Bavarian Company, I went to observe the 2nd section of machineguns of regiment 18 Gorj from my company, there I met the heroine of Jiu, Teodoroiu Ecaterina with her last living brother, who showed her how to load a weapon, how to aim, and how to put the bayonet. Asking her what she wants to do with those, she said that she wants to go to Schela to free her mother. From then on, scout Ecaterina Teodoroiu fought with the weapon in hand side by side with her brother, being a heroic example to my soldiers, even when the company made a bayonet charge, as many of my men said, especially Sargeant Safta Pavel from machineguns company. As a conclusion, my personal opinion is that scout Teodoroiu is a fair lady with a lot of courage and love for her family, and the conviction to fulfill her duty as a scout, deserving all her admiration as our Joan of Arc, even if her lack of seriousness that is specific to her age would make her seem like a vivandiere form the old french army." - Gheorghe Mănoiu, commander of the 8th Company. She eventually recovered and kept on fighting many other battles. Eventually, she met with the Queen of Romania who personally gave her a military award. She eventually died on 22th of August 1917 at the Battle of Marasesti, the largest battle during World War I fought on Romanian territory: https://military.wikia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Mărășești "During the yesterday clash at night, on the hill Secului, the volunteer Ecaterina Teodoroiu from the 7th Company was killed by 2 machinegun bullets in her generous heart. Showing a rare and warm enthusiasm, with great energy and vigor, that some righfully called "Eroina de la Jiu" (The heronine of Jiu) made the supreme sacrifice for the love of her country that was ravaged by enemies. Ecaterina Teodoroiu rose to the ranks of our highest heroes and surpassed them, by defeating her female weakness (those were the times), she knew how to prove the vigor of a man in body and soul and the qualities of a daring soldier, unusual and full of enthusiasm, she would make herself useful at any price. She fell into battle before reaching the goal of this revenge. She gave her life with the simplicity of true heroism, not to gain a round of applause and praise, but because that's what her heart asked her to do, because that's what she thought in her soul that will fulfill her life's duty. She died in her communicative bravery while she went out of cover to encourage her soldiers and tell them "Forward boys! don't give up! you are with me!". By the time of her death, she was a sublieutenant with her own platoon. Probably a book would be the best source of information, however, if you're looking for a summary: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ecaterina_Teodoroiu https://military.wikia.org/wiki/Ecaterina_Teodoroiu Kathryn J. Atwood dedicated a chapter to Ecaterina Teodoriu in her work "Women Heroes of World War I: 16 Remarkable Resisters, Soldiers, Spies, and Medics".
  17. Hello, One of the issues I personally have with the vast majority of historical games is the lack of factions to pick from. Most WW1 & WW2 games only focus on: USA, Germany and USSR. This completely skips the other players in the conflict. Having a lot more options to pick from in terms of factions would lead to more options for players, more replayablity and more immersion. This is my suggestion for World War I factions: Central Powers: - German Empire - Austro-Hungarian Empire - Kingdom of Bulgaria - Ottoman Empire Entente - United States of America - British Empire - Dominions of Australia & New Zeeland - Dominion of Canada - French Republic - Russian Empire - Kingdom of Serbia - Kingdom of Romania Mixed Battles: Instead of always having 1 army vs 1 army battles, you can have mixed battles with 25 players + 25 players vs 25 players + 25 players. Such as Germany + Austria-Hungary vs. Russian Empire + Kingdom of Romania on the Eastern Front. Or Germany + Austria-Hungary vs British Empire + French Republic on the Western Front. Or Dominions of Australia & New Zeeland + British Empire vs Ottoman Empire + German Empire in Galipoli. Or Austria-Hungary + Kingdom of Bulgaria vs. Kingdom of Serbia + Kingdom of Romania in the Balkans.
  18. so i can see that most players like me prefer to be ranked and have themselves on a ranking based system i agree with that. so here's my idea -- why not a ranking system that has the score going up and down based on how good you are in the game with also a ranking system to see your rank comparing to others. - Gustavo CCM
  19. Try to activate the setting Fully Load Textures It will pre load all the textures of the game before you go in. i hope it helps (Remember the game is new) - there are problems & errors
  20. Why i think worrying about the website is very important to keep players coming. a gaming website with good community manager is always good i like to receive good well written answers from the community manager.
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    Your WWI

    When I was 6, I was given two books of paintings/vignettes of events from The Great War The red of blood mixing with the red of the pants of French soldiers as they lay dying Dark soldiers highlighted against the sky as the traveled across a wasteland of watery shell holes. the blinded, leading the blinded, leading the blinded after a gas attack A man holding his dying friend. After that, I heard the stories of my Great Great Grandfather, who served in the Canadian Expeditionary Force in 1916 - 1919 I read the stories of Robert Shankland, William Hall and Leo Clarke. I was enamoured by the men who sacrificed so much for a pointless war that built my nation.
  22. First off, hello and welcome to the forums! There is a partner program for Beyond The Wire, however I can't tell you much about how applications with that go. With that topic, you might want to direct message @BLITZ
  23. while I'm playing the beyond the wire sometimes i shot a team player from my team because I'm in like my crouch or other position like looking up from down from those small walking places (to hide) i think you understand me and the team name doesn't appear that i think is a bug. - the game looks very good how it is -- Gustavo
  24. there is a hole on the poelcappele map which is not very visible and too deep to get out of resulting in people getting trapped redstone pls fix
  25. New update! Vehicles are planned and so are air battles! Also @Kriechbaum WW1 planes fly much slower than usual planes! But you aren't wrong. I think Air battles could be a separate mode!
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