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  2. Hey all, Just wanted to give you some notice that the Beyond The Wire forums and website will be down for regular maintenance starting around 12pm PST / 8pm UTC on Monday, December 12th. This should only be a brief interruption.
  3. WarkM

    des bots?

    Bonjour. j'aimerais savoir comment mettre des bots sur son serveur merci.
  4. Hru mám od minulého týdne. Snad ještě přibydou hráči po doplnění serverů boty.
  5. Zdar, hru jsem koupil před týdnem a s výtkou málo hráčů, chaotického menu a chybějících statistik jsem jinak spokojen. Zítra přibydou boti a nová mapa Passchendaelle. Snad se hru povede oživit.
  6. Eric


    Will you do survival mode?
  7. Hello, I am new to BTW not new to Squads. I am either blind or dumb.. maybe both lol but is there somewhere I can go to look at all the section classes and understand what they do? examples like what is the HQ section do and what are some tactics, or what are signalers do. Im looking to read about all of them to better understand the game. Thanks in advance, great game, and lets spread the word for BTW to get the popularity it deservers!
  8. please let us turn the gore off.... my grandson loves WWI, and this game is perfect... but the gore is too much.. Please let us turn it off! Nov 25 2022
  9. I paid full price for the game when it came out. I loved it. I still love it. Unfortunately I have only ever experience 4 games with a full lobby the rest are typically me and one other sad schmoe alone in the trenches pop shotting eachother. Please atleast add bots or make the game have a few free weekends to get people in, and interested in buying it. The game deserves a full lobby
  10. colour blind, i cant see the enemy uniforms either.....none on server..... bots or free to play!
  11. add bots, or die. see Operation HarshdoorStop and mentality.
  12. I wish we had the opportunity to see that BOTS would destroy the milsim experience. ATM, I see failed potential. A big fail. I play many fps, and this is good, even with only 30 players on a server. But it will not take off. Isonza is great - but no lean, and they have bots. Sort it out, I like leaning!
  13. The game is dead man...a "milsim experience" and empty servers is valueless. Bot support could help this game come back from the dead and actually give us holdouts a means of playing Beyond The Wire.
  14. I get you man - it sucks that the game is devoid of players. I had really hoped that after 1.0 release things would pick up but it never happened. There are more people on BF1 and Verdun than play BTW, which is pretty sad, because this is the WWI game I want to play. This game could really benefit from bot support for us holdouts.
  15. Lack of players is a problem. But, in my opinion the biggest issue its optimization. The game has a poor frame ratio.
  16. Honestly, this is an amazing game. We love to see more improvements to the game. And I think we all know what one of the main ones are. The Lack Of Players. As I would like to suggest to the developers of the game, remove the rental servers, and have it so you can make custom servers available for every player. Another part of the custom servers that we would like to see, is the introduction of bots. Even if there aren't many players, we can still keep the game going with players playing with teams filled with bots/AI. We just need something done about the player count, and I think this would be a great idea.
  17. This game needs to be put on consoles. Even if it is only next gen. The only competitor for this game is the "Verdun | Tannenburg | Isonzo" series, and this game looks a lot better.
  18. Alright so, here's my story: I installed BTW around a year ago when I saw it become popular, started playing and absolutely loved it, though player count was always and issue, that's beside the point here. I enjoyed the game, loved hopping on everyday to play as some Germans and stab some Frenchie's or play as a Frenchie with a Lebel and pop a German from 2 clicks out. Absolutely amazing. But then something changed. Some update came out, specifically the patch with the British faction and everything DIED. I couldn't join servers at all, I could install the game, play the firing range completely fine but servers? NOOO couldn't join at all. I would try to connect to them, to no avail. After about 6-8 minutes of loading screen it would just bring me back to another loading screen then to the main menu. This problem has persisted for months now. I have tried everything in my power to fix this issue, I have tried reinstalling, restarting game, PC, Router, tried verifying game files, tried changing some options in my firewall, tried using a VPN, hell I even tried changing my ports and options in my network adapter. NOTHING WORKS. Why can I not join servers and why can I not play the game anymore? Can anybody help me? I know my PC is lower tier but this is ridiculous.
  19. Version: 1.0.15074-423.1-SHIPPING Type: Visual bug Description: Graphic bug that appears on all maps in the Sky if you choose a fov over 90 (Default) while using a WQHD res monitor Screenshots/Video: attached. Reproduction steps: Use WQHD res monitor and change fov (proven on 27` display) Any Exploit Bugs that are game-breaking should be sent via https://offworldindustries.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
  20. I have been waiting for the customization system since September 2021, only for one reason, and that's to be able to choose my gloves in the customization menu, and not have them randomized every time I spawn. And well, we got the customization system, but the gloves are still being randomized. Can we get the option to choose them for our soldiers, like how we can (barely) choose our uniforms and stuff?
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