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  2. With the next update you can bolt and run at the same time. As you sayed this would make the game more arcade. I think this isn't good for BtW.
  3. Thats a problem. I hope we get the old weaponsway back but than you should be able to rest your rifle
  4. Yes this is true, lower player count was already stopping me from playing and reducing sway was the last straw. The devs tried to get new players by making it more arcade but it only eliminated the core population of players who want realism.
  5. 1.0 was a bit much. 0.1 was a mistake. 0.25 feels like BF1. Me and my mates all felt like .65 produced the most cerebral firefight once you got the hang of it. Crouching and proning a shot with breath control felt great. You had a chance to return fire and play out a battle. The most rewarding FPS kills I've ever had in 20+ years of gaming where on .65 Please reconsider your core community's wishes.
  6. Yep, the old battle flow was better with higher sway IMO . Now I spawn and get shot half-way across the map...
  7. Pistols are more accurate then rifles and have no sway. The smaller barrel should affect accuracy. Also sway in general seems very low since I played last. Is sway going to be reverted? There are no firefights anymore, just who shoots first wins. Gameplay flow seem worse. Is this why people don't play?
  8. Make weapon sway higher and I will play. Otherwise no point. Game feels like an arcade shooter now. 0.65 or bust
  9. Hello all, I am curious as to why the German uniforms depicted in game are so incorrect? Everything else is perfect, and Historical Accuracy was promised - and yet the German uniforms, specifically the tunics, are absolutely horrendous. They didn't have buttons on the cuffs, the collars were Reseda Green (on everything except Bavarian uniforms), the entire front fly was concealed, not open like earlier uniforms. It's quite confusing, how all other things are more or less perfect and yet the German uniforms remain as inauthentic as they were at the beginning of the development. I hope this is fixed, as it's a sour patch on an otherwise excellently authentic game.
  10. I hope everything will be okay with this game. Greets, thanks for reply!
  11. As the game is more fleshed out, more resources will be put towards marketing with every major update. Right now the game is still early in development, so marketing is something that will be increased over time, so the main efforts are more so leading up to full release. There's still sales and free weekends planned, and a lot more major patches to come
  12. Hello developers! I have question, did you see what's going on with this !Awesome! Game? Players dont get's so many WW1 shooters... :/ And now this game is almost dead... Please. Please! Developers make something with this, Maybe better marketing, lowest cost of this production? Thanks for all replies... Greets.
  13. I think in PS the do this correctly, But don‘t forget this game is still early access ;D
  14. The model No. 20, required a blank cartridge to launch the device (live ammo would make it explode on the spot). It seems the reloading animations are missing that part or am I missing something? Thanks.
  15. Most of the time, a big main reason a team loses is because there is simply no communication. This in turn leads to a miscoordination and then to a defeat. Some have to understand that BTW is not a BF1.
  16. Greetings to the forum, For some time now I have been playing the pioneer squad more and more and I noticed a few things that make the gaming experience a little more difficult for the Pio's. It starts with the erection of sandbags and barbed wire that it works with the F key and that it would be more analogous to be able to assemble and dismantle objects with the shovel that you already have as a pioneer. The latter point is also the transition to the next point, that the only dismantling option for the squad is "Destroy the oldest deployment", which in turn only the squadlead can do. So as a builder and sapper you have no dismantling option, which could lead to the problem of expanding a point that you would have to tear everything down to fix the error. Placing something incorrectly would not be a problem if there was a higher limit for sandbags, because 10 sandbags and 10 barbed wire tend to be used up quickly when fastening a point. It would be really nice if this were changed. In summary, I wish that: Add a shovel for assembly and dismantling Increase in the placement options for sandbags, barbed wire and duckboards And last but not least, one last suggestion that the sandbags could be a bit higher. Kind regards [IR.74] Heinrich Knapp ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Grüße ans Forum, seit einiger Zeit spiele ich vermehrt den Pioniersquad und dabei sind mir einige Sachen aufgefallen, die das Spielerlebnis für die Pio's etwas erschweren. Es fängt schon beim Aufstellen von Sandsäcken und Stacheldraht auf, dass das aufbauen mit der F-Taste funktioniert und es sinngemäßer sein würde, dass man mit der Schaufel, die man als Pionier schon hat, Gegenstände aufbauen kann und abbauen kann. Der letztere Punkt ist dabei auch gleich die Überleitung zum nächsten Punkt, dass die einzige Abbaumöglichkeit für den Squad die "Destroy the oldest Deployment" ist, was wiederrum nur der Squadlead kann. Also hat man als Builder und Sapper keine Abbaumöglichkeit, was hinsichtlich beim Ausbau eines Punktes zum Problem führen könnte, dass man alles abreißen müsste, um den Fehler zu beheben. Etwas fehl zu platzieren wäre auch kein Problem, wenn es eine höhere Begrenzung für Sandsäcke gäbe, weil 10 Sandsäcke und 10 Stacheldraht sind gerne schnell aufgebraucht bei der Befestigung eines Punktes. Da wäre es wirklich schön, wenn dies verändert wird. Zusammengefasst wünsche ich mir, dass: Eine Schaufel zum Auf- und Abbau hinzukommen Erhöhung der Platziermöglichkeiten für Sandsäcke, Stacheldraht und Duckboards hinzukommen Und zu allerletzt ein letzter Vorschlag, dass die Sandsäcke ein bisschen höher sein könnten. Mit freundlichen Grüßen [IR.74] Heinrich Knapp
  17. I am happy to see continued changes for the command squad but I believe, along with some other community members, that the role of the signaler should also have the ability to place markers for the commander on the map. Not many people enjoy playing the signaler and that is because your a signaler and you can't "signal". The role is not even as unique as now command telephones are going to be scattered across the map, making the telephone in the kit and, also not forgetting the fact that you can open the map right off the signaler himself. This role could also be made unique by giving the signaler a flare gun that could be shot and reveal enemy positions on the map for a brief time period. It could be just like the flares on Ansoncourt have a bright but smaller area of effect. I think something like this would really bring the signaler role more to life, thanks for any consideration given!
  18. Thanks for the reply. Good to know. I mean, statistical anomalies happen, but it just seems really unlikely.
  19. Über uns: Wir basieren auf dem 1. Hannoverschen Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 74 und versuchen als solches, dessen Strukturen und Geschichte möglichst authentisch in Beyond the Wire zu repräsentieren. Unseren Mitgliedern bieten wir die Möglichkeit, in einem Rangsystem aufzusteigen, welches auf dem des deutschen Heeres, der kaiserlichen Armee, basiert. Zum Gefecht treffen wir uns jeden Mittwoch und Samstag, in unserem Discord. Was von dir erwartet wird: Du solltest Zeit haben regelmäßig an Gefechten teilzunehmen. Du solltest über ein Mikro verfügen und dazu bereit sein, effektiv zu kommunizieren. Du solltest Spaß am Spiel haben. Wichtig: Wir lehnen jede Form von Radikalismus und Extremismus entschieden ab! Unser Discord: https://discord.gg/mVF9PQUnUb
  20. I don‘t think so, I play often the German Empire and we win ~50% of the battles. I think it depends on how the team work together.
  21. I'll keep this short and simple: there appears to be serious balance issues in the current build. I've played about 40 matches so far, and have played all factions about equally. The Germans almost never win .I've only seen the Germans win twice. Once vs. the UK (UK had far fewer players) and once vs the US. Additionally, the French seem to always steamroll the Germans. I've only seen the Germans defend a section once vs the French. The French always win within a few minutes. Its insane. Am I wrong? Is there anyone out there who is consistently seeing Germany win matches? P.S. This is the first time I've ever complained about balance issues in a game. A 1-20 win-lose ratio for Germany is pretty glaringly obvious to me that there's a problem.
  22. What would you think if the nations get more classes For Example: German Empire 1x Sturmabteilung Same weapons as the Infantry that we have at the moment but carbines (Kar98az) instead of G98 and one Mp18. Should be only available for 1917 and 1918 maps. 3x Infantrie squads Maximum 2 pistols per squad, no P08 with drum mag and no Madsen MG. 1x Landwehr squad The squadlead and the medic get the 1883 Reichsrevolver also no MG. The other soldiers get the G88/05 instead of the G98 What you think? Is this a good idea?
  23. Hello Chalpha. Welcome to the forums and thanks for your feedback!
  24. Hello. First off, welcome to the forums! If you don't know why it happened, it would probably be an auto-kick or tempban on too many teamkills. We can't tell you more details since you'll have to contact the respective server you were kicked or temp-/banned from. You can find a list of each server's contact information, representatives and their respective discord server here: https://discord.com/invite/playbtw We'll be happy to have you.
  25. Hello, I just started playing this game a few days ago. and really like it, but I was kicked randomly from the game I was in yesterday. When I tried to rejoin, it said I was banned from joining the server. Is there any way to fix this?
  26. I agree but no every artillery unit in WW1 has the Kar98AZ. Many units have some older rifles e.g. Kar88 or Kar91 or later the Kar98A. So I think you should choose between this 3 or more weapons. I would prefer the Kar98A.
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