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  2. Its possible to be your patronite?
  3. Welcome Soldiers! Our latest Fields of Battle article presents Frise, a battle from the Somme. With nearly 3 million soldiers fighting on both sides in the battle of The Somme more than 1 million were killed or injured, making it one of the bloodiest battles in human history. After a week of heavy shelling to disrupt German defences, the British and French armies advanced on the lines to the North and South of the Somme in hopes of pushing back the enemy. However, the German Empire had dug deep and reinforced their position which slowed the British and French forces, inflicting massive casualties with each day of fighting. Spanning 1.2km² of playable area, the Frise battlefield features rolling hills, abandoned farm grounds and thick tree coverage that creates diverse biomes to fight over. This wide range of environmental features means Frise will have the most variety of the maps that will be launching at Early Access. The assault begins with forces having to navigate through marshlands and over shallow rivers before progressing to the open fields of Frise. With many areas being ideal for defensive positions, the German Empire has spent time strengthening during their occupation making the approach from the Entente as difficult as possible. Evidence of the initial skirmishes can be seen around the map, destroyed landships and burning crops reveal the difficulty ahead for both sides. With plenty of open ground to cover, teams must capitalise on any breakthrough before the enemy can regain their footing and establish rigorous defence lines. Following the Somme river across the open haybale fields and ruined farm buildings, the map has many obstacles to progress through in order to advance. The remains of the Frise village presents a choke point for the advancing forces as firefights break out over roads and streets. High storey buildings and the surrounding bush must be flushed of any encamped enemies to ensure the position can be reinforced, allowing the village to be utilised as a springboard for the next advance. With the French and British applying pressure across the front, the rear line of the Germans has been dug in a hurry and without reinforcement or extensive layouts, meaning the low earthen trenches provide just enough cover up to the middle ground. Join us tomorrow for a developer livestream where we will be taking an in-depth look at Frise. We'll be live at 11 AM PDT / 6 PM UTC. WISHLIST NOW ON STEAM
  4. Agreed, I think variation in requirements to unlock them would be key especially for Valor perhaps taking objectives by yourself or defending your fellow teammate, etc etc or if there is a Medic system maybe add requirements that reward healing players as well.
  5. I'd say the pricing will be something like PS and Squad on release.
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    @Michael Luke The more post you'd write, the more rank you will get. This happens as well with member reputation.
  7. I like the idea, but please include some medals as well related to achievements. For example, doing some difficult tasks, not only killing and playing time.
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  9. Welcome to the community Cosmos See you in the trenches!
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  11. One of the more underappriciated aspects in video games in my opinon, especially tactical shooters like these is sound design. I appreciate when the rifle im holding sounds just as powerful as it should. I love it when the guns sound accurate to their real life counterparts. So my question is, how does the game sound compared to other tactical shooters like Post Scriptum or Hell Let loose? Battlefield 1 also had some really good gun sound design, and I would love to see if this game could implement something similar to that as well. It really does help with immersion in my opinion.
  12. Just want to say hello as I'm new to the forum. I'll try to stay active here, I find this project very interesting and I'm really looking foward to it. I've just received my invitation, so I hope I will see you on the battleground soonTM. Cheers!
  13. Ahí está!!! Con ganas! "A la espera de refuerzos para el combate"
  14. Welcome Soldiers! Development for Beyond The Wire is now motoring along rapidly with weekly alpha testing helping us prepare for launching on Steam later this year. With that release now on the horizon, the team have begun looking at life Beyond The Wire once we're in the Early Access phase and reassessing some of the decisions in several areas. One of the subjects of discussion is level design and the library of maps we are planning on releasing. We have already revealed that the three maps that will be coming to Early Access would be Passchendaele, Argonne and The Somme. Due to our level design being tailored to sizes that promote the atmosphere, immersion and gameplay that we are aiming for, we have decided to make a slight change in direction for the naming of these maps. The battlefields and front lines of The Great War were on a massive scale, so large that our maps can only depict certain areas that don't necessarily justify the name of the whole battle. Taking this consideration into our plans for environments and playable areas, both current and future, we have made changes to the names of the three maps we're launching with. Our maps are more representative of specific sectors within the larger battle and our naming convention now aligns with this. These name changes reflect more accurately the sector that they are inspired by and also gives us room to expand on the frontlines of these three battles with future maps. Having multiple maps portraying these huge battles opens up possibilities for us to explore in the future as our game becomes more feature-complete and Beyond The Wire moves towards full release. All of our future maps will now follow this naming convention and we're looking forward to showcasing these new environments before too long! Passchendaele will be changing to Zonnebeke. Argonne will be named Ansoncourt. The Somme will become Frise. Frise is the final map we are due to showcase, and we are planning on delivering that very soon so keep the eyes peeled for that developer blog! For the meantime, here is a first screenshot of the map from in-game! As always Soldiers stay posted for the next update!
  15. ricordo anche il gruppo steam: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/beyondthewireitalia
  16. Buon giorno Stiamo costruendo la community Italiana di BTW, abbiamo bisogno di player che come noi vogliono divertirsi insieme. Dopo la lunga esperienza su Squad e Post scriptum abbiamo deciso di cimentarci in questa nuova avventura. Siete i benvenuti,partecipate numerosi e buon divertimento. Allego intanto pagina FB e nostro discord :https://www.facebook.com/groups/357230548569978 https://discord.gg/rePCsQM
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  18. BLITZ

    Early access

    We're launching to Early Access in 2020, although a launch date hasn't been announced yet
  19. Welcome Soldiers! In our player roles developer blog, we mentioned orders that Section Leader’s are able to activate which affects nearby section members. This week’s instalment will look at these Officer abilities and how they will benefit a section’s effectiveness in battle. The effects are placed on section members who are within range of their Section Leader when the ability is activated so sections that move together will get the most out of these abilities and will drive the momentum of the battle. With only one ability allowed to be active at any time, Section Leaders are responsible for issuing these orders for the right times and situations. The Section Leader abilities are the first implementation with the values, durations and cooldowns going through reiteration as we test balancing. We will also be looking at adding additional orders as we move through development, with potential faction-specific abilities coming later down the line. Increase movement speed This effect will increase the movement capabilities of the section. Motivating his section to cover ground, an Officer can help ensure his section crosses open terrain quicker to avoid excessive casualties during the advance. While this ability is active, the sections movement speed is increased by 50% for 3 seconds. Effect: Increased player movement speed Duration: 3 seconds Cooldown: 5 minutes Increase damage resistance Section Leader’s have the option to support their unit by reducing all damage taken. While this buff is active, the section is able to withstand higher levels of damage beyond normal limits while clinching objectives or holding an overwhelmed flank. Active for 3 seconds, this ability reduces damage taken by 25%. Effect: Reduce damage taken Duration: 3 seconds Cooldown: 5 minutes Reduce stamina cost To prevent weariness from the exhausting crossing of no man’s land, Officers can push their section the extra distance to safety. This ability reduces the drain all actions have on stamina. Take the fight to the enemy by being fresh and battle-ready when reaching the opposing trench line. This ability lasts for 3 seconds and reduces stamina cost by 50%. Effect: Reduce stamina cost of any action Duration: 3 seconds Cooldown: 5 minutes Increase charge speed With bayonet’s fixed, Officers are able to boost their section’s sprint speed during bayonet charges. This increased speed allows a unit to close the distance with the enemy en-masse to get within striking range. The charge buff is active for 3 seconds and increases charge speed by 50%. Effect: Faster sprint speed while bayonet charging Duration: 3 seconds Cooldown: 5 minutes We'll be posting updates on these abilities as we move through development and refine this system. Stay posted for further dev blogs!
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    Small countries

    maby you will add italy, Russia, Belgium, Austro-Hungary,Serbia, Romania and others
  21. hi when early acces will be posible to play
  22. Bump Updated link - https://discord.gg/H4qPdyK
  23. Hey Rahim! Welcome to the community mate
  24. Welcome to the Community! Glad to have you here
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