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  2. Über uns: Wir basieren auf dem 1. Hannoverschen Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 74 und versuchen als solches, dessen Strukturen und Geschichte möglichst authentisch in Beyond the Wire zu repräsentieren. Unseren Mitgliedern bieten wir die Möglichkeit, in einem Rangsystem aufzusteigen, welches auf dem des deutschen Heeres, der kaiserlichen Armee, basiert. Zum Gefecht treffen wir uns jeden Mittwoch und Samstag, in unserem Discord. Was von dir erwartet wird: Du solltest Zeit haben regelmäßig an Gefechten teilzunehmen. Du solltest über ein Mikro verfügen und dazu bereit sein, effektiv zu kommunizieren. Du solltest Spaß am Spiel haben. Wichtig: Wir lehnen jede Form von Radikalismus und Extremismus entschieden ab! Unser Discord: https://discord.gg/mVF9PQUnUb
  3. I don‘t think so, I play often the German Empire and we win ~50% of the battles. I think it depends on how the team work together.
  4. I'll keep this short and simple: there appears to be serious balance issues in the current build. I've played about 40 matches so far, and have played all factions about equally. The Germans almost never win .I've only seen the Germans win twice. Once vs. the UK (UK had far fewer players) and once vs the US. Additionally, the French seem to always steamroll the Germans. I've only seen the Germans defend a section once vs the French. The French always win within a few minutes. Its insane. Am I wrong? Is there anyone out there who is consistently seeing Germany win matches? P.S. This is the first time I've ever complained about balance issues in a game. A 1-20 win-lose ratio for Germany is pretty glaringly obvious to me that there's a problem.
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  6. What would you think if the nations get more classes For Example: German Empire 1x Sturmabteilung Same weapons as the Infantry that we have at the moment but carbines (Kar98az) instead of G98 and one Mp18. Should be only available for 1917 and 1918 maps. 3x Infantrie squads Maximum 2 pistols per squad, no P08 with drum mag and no Madsen MG. 1x Landwehr squad The squadlead and the medic get the 1883 Reichsrevolver also no MG. The other soldiers get the G88/05 instead of the G98 What you think? Is this a good idea?
  7. Hello Chalpha. Welcome to the forums and thanks for your feedback!
  8. Hello. First off, welcome to the forums! If you don't know why it happened, it would probably be an auto-kick or tempban on too many teamkills. We can't tell you more details since you'll have to contact the respective server you were kicked or temp-/banned from. You can find a list of each server's contact information, representatives and their respective discord server here: https://discord.com/invite/playbtw We'll be happy to have you.
  9. Hello, I just started playing this game a few days ago. and really like it, but I was kicked randomly from the game I was in yesterday. When I tried to rejoin, it said I was banned from joining the server. Is there any way to fix this?
  10. I agree but no every artillery unit in WW1 has the Kar98AZ. Many units have some older rifles e.g. Kar88 or Kar91 or later the Kar98A. So I think you should choose between this 3 or more weapons. I would prefer the Kar98A.
  11. ZaGoR


    Hi, also new in playing BTW - Game is fantastic - a bit better than SQUAD (Spawn-Points R good and U dont have to walk miles and miles) See us in the field.
  12. As a colorblind person, Its almost impossible to differentiate between the uniforms of the Germans and the British. Currently, if you look at a teammate their tag will fade in allowing me to tell if they are an ally, but usually its too late by then. Adding an option to have the tags over teammates at all times would be extremely helpful. Thank you.
  13. this is happening to me and it's actually starting to get on my nerves because I can't even join the game and I get kicked out of it. And if I am LUCKY, I can play for 5-10 mins max and then get kicked out again.
  14. I am having a problem when launching the game I just downloaded from STEAM - " The application was unable to start correctly (0Xc000007b), Click OK to close the application."
  15. if i try to start the game i get an error (0xc0000005). it says the game hasn't been launched properly. any solution?
  16. Welcome Soldiers! Our next update arriving this week brings with it a new game mode that is aimed at making server seeding easier and low populated servers more enjoyable. With this in mind in mind our design team have created Firefight, a game mode that will pit two teams against each other in a small-scale battle similar to Frontlines. Battling over a single sector, teams will need to advance on the area in order to locate the three objectives. Both sides will have 20 minutes to capture objectives and gain as many victory points as possible to determine the winner. Players have the option to create Command, Infantry and Engineer sections in Firefight, with the smaller battles not requiring support from Artillery and HMG detachments. With this team setup, players will have closer engagements as infantry have the opportunity to move up to the front unhindered. This brand new game mode arrives with version 0.12 and will make early games and low pop servers more enjoyable, by concentrating players in a smaller and more condensed frontline. Stay posted for Firefight to arrive later this week Soldiers - We'll see you in the trenches! BUY NOW ON STEAM
  17. I have this issue where everytime I try to open the game or join a server, I get this error. Any fixes? I already tried fixing the EAC from the setup, though I'm not sure what the game id is because it only appears with names like, Game 233 or something.
  18. Do you have in mind to add any eastern powers anyway? I am also asking about Bulgaria, but why not Serbia, Greece, The Ottoman Empire and other Balcan nations that took part in the Great War? For example Romania. These countries participated in the war and they deserve a DLC. What is your honest opinion. I am about to buy the game, but I need to make sure you are adding the Eastern Front one day...
  19. I bought yhe tel beyond me, but whichever server I enter, it gives the error that the auth ticket was canceled by the user, so I can't enter any server, can you evaluate it?
  20. How long is that going to take? Is there an estimate? I very much personally prefer automatic bolting to manual.
  21. Yes, optimization will be an ongoing effort through Early Access and beyond. Expect each update to help with performance
  22. Can you try verifying the game files on steam?
  23. So i watched this game and had it on my wish list and finally decided to drop the $50 and purchase. I researched that my Rig specs were better than the game specs, and was confident that this would be a great game. I am sorry to say that unfortunately this game is for me completely unplayable, I am lucky if it even loads. I have been able to at least get into the firing range and shoot some guns. Twice. But as far as loading the actual game and play , well thats just not happening. Receiving constant unreal engine errors , crash windows coming up, I submit the error as always. This normally happens in the intial loading of the main multiplayer interface. Looks like $50 down the crapper Anyone else having these issues ??
  24. Welcome Soldiers! The development for Beyond The Wire is now fully engaged towards the next stretch of updates, and we have our latest recap to show exactly what work has been kicked off since Operation Two release. While a reduced number of devs worked to get small updates out to prepare for the free weekend, the rest of the team have started on this next phase of content for the game. Check out the progress below! Canadian Expeditionary Force Infantry NCO Character Model After finally revealing our roadmap recently, we can start sharing the work done for the faction so far! With a unique uniform arriving with this force, the art team have finalised the character models, which already look fantastic! The CEF would never be complete without the iconic Ross MK III, and they will be arriving in Beyond The Wire wielding this famous rifle. Renowned for its accuracy for the times, we are sure our players will enjoy deploying with this firearm! It wouldn’t be right to leave you without showing the Smith & Wesson either. The Hand Ejector 2nd model – modified for .455 Webley rounds will be one of the first weapons the Canadians will be equipped with when heading out Beyond The Wire. The early stages of development are well underway for the debutant battle for the Canadians – Vimy Ridge. The level design team have pulled together the majority of the white boxing with the level taking shape with the unmistakable ‘pimpled’ ridge line dominating the area. Playtests on this new field of battle have already started internally to ensure the map delivers a truly unique experience. A new favourite map for many of the developers, we think the community will also love taking part in this battle! Animations Animations for BTW are still being crafted as we introduce new weapons and polish existing animations. Both the Hotchkiss 1914 and Modele 75mm field canon are now rigged with full animations. We know you have been keeping an eye out for the French weapons, and they’re on the way! Customization and Progression Our last livestream showed some of the concept images for our new customization and progression system coming this summer. Showing here the proposed new main menu and how the new Headquarters sub-menu will look. While this system is currently being iterated on, we love the style already but you can expect the final version to be different! This new system is taking substantial work on the front end, but the engineering team have also been working hard to ensure that the tracking of player actions and stats in-game ensure a stable framework for this new system, which will be bringing with it a brand new scoring system and end of round scoreboard! We will be going into detail with a dedicated blog on the progression system, so stay posted for that soon! Another change coming with this overhaul will be an update to loadout icons. Aiming for a more fitting theme, our artists have designed these new icons for player roles which will look fantastic against the backdrop of our new menu! Tanks That’s right, tanks will be entering the fray later this year as well, and work has begun in getting a working prototype inside the maps. While the work to implement such game-changing features will take some time, we have been excited to share what has been done so far! Showcasing a male Mk IV patrolling the fields of Combles reveals the progress so far, with independent track control to replicate the realistic movement as well as having working, operable cannons. While the systems needed for damage models and penetration values are still to be built, having a running tank able to drop into our levels means we can begin the process of moulding the game and any existing maps for these new additions. As always Soldier, stay posted for more articles as these new toys move closer to completion. In the meantime, we’ll see you in the trenches! BUY NOW ON STEAM
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    Is it possible if i could obtain the Heightmap of Zonnebeke? i would like to try tinkering with making a map in Arma 3, and Zonnebeke is a good test ground to see how it would work. sorry if im asking in the wrong channel,or at all. Questions was a bit full, and quiet.
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