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    Road Map?

    Welcome to the community! We released the first revision of our Road Map last week https://playbtw.com/beyond-the-wire-road-map/ This graphic will be updated in time as we reveal further plans for development. For posting suggestions we have an area on our forums as well as a channel in our official discord for feedback so either of these channels is great! Glad you're enjoying the game! See you in the trenches!
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  5. MaNiAc

    Road Map?

    Hi All, Does anyone know if there's a road map of features to come for this game yet? Also where do we post suggestions on game improvements? FYI - Loving it so far, super fun! Thanks!
  6. There is partial controller support but it isn't fully implemented yet
  7. https://youtu.be/-kFE74yjr3M
  8. The Americans didn't use the BAR The french did for their walking fire program
  9. I fell like ine of the best ways to counter the American m1895 Woild be for the germans to add the mp-18 for assualt And to counter that give squad infantry ncos for the french the rsc 1917
  10. Awesome news! Can't wait for the new maps and next year the British and the Harlem Hellfighters. Wonderful additions. Amazing work. Thank you for all you have done,and will continue to do.
  11. More weapons would do a lot for the game. It adds more variety and makes things more interesting. Some gun suggestions: German: Karabiner 98AZ MG 08/15 MP18 Bergmann 1915 MG15 n.A French: 1907/15 Berthier Rifle RSC17 RSC18 American: BAR 1903 Springfield Feel free to suggest more in the comments!
  12. Hello! I, and a few others have mentioned this previously, on this forum and on the discord - and i was wondering if the Imperial German uniforms would ever be fixed? As right now the tunic that the Germans wear is historically accurate and that's extremely out of place with the rest of the game, as nearly everything else is 100% authentic. I was wondering if this'll be changed or fixed in coming updates? As the German uniform depicted in game had concealed buttons down the front, they weren't unconcealed like earlier uniforms. The greatcoat had unconcealed buttons, but not the tunic. (Below is an example of the tunic) Cheers, Brandon
  13. Welcome Soldiers! After an extremely exciting month of release, working to get hotfixes our for major issues and some recovery time for the team, we are now spinning up to deliver the major instalments of Early Access content for Beyond The Wire. Below you can find the initial road map that we will be updating over time as content is and timelines are cemented. The final months of this year will see players enter the battle of Cantigny, the first assault of the AEF which featured a combined effort with the French Republic. Our upcoming developer blog and livestream will take a look at this new field of battle in more detail. Also included in this update will be the first version of our Training Range where players can hone their skills offline. Operation Two: For King and Country arrives in Q1 of 2021 with the British Expeditionary Force joining the battlefield. Two new maps will also come with this new faction, Sechault and Saint-Thierry and Poelcapelle. Operation Two also includes the first sub-faction for BTW - The Harlem Hellfighters, who will be an option as a faction on certain maps. The 369th Infantry Regiment was one of the first American regiments to serve alongside the French Army and we're excited to feature this infamous force! Following on from the second operation will be further instalments where you can expect new weaponry, maps, sub-factions and more! As always, stay posted for future updates on development. See you in the trenches Soldiers!
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  15. Melee weapons are available for all roles and assigned to the '2' key in the inventory. Currently we have a number of melee weapons including clubs and bayonets. We're planning on implementing more melee weapons as development progresses
  16. BLITZ


    Servers run an autoban on players who commit more than 7 team kills. The ban is usually lifted automatically at the end of the round but it if doesn't you canget in touch with the server owners to appeal. We have a channel on our discord with a register of server owners so you can get in touch with them.
  17. I do not wish to sound ridiculous but make sure your "check boxes" on the right side of the server screen, are checked appropriately. I had a few checked that reduced what I could see.
  18. If people cycle too fast, the melee system would be obsolete. Try closing with a bayonet ( which should be a big part of the game) and you would get gunned down instantly... that would suck. Just need better tactics. if you miss, you have to charge before they cycle and rechamber a round.
  19. As matches progress, soldiers and teams should carry less ammunition (simulating battle expenditure/ logistics). This would make the final moments of matches more melee based and frantic, as players would run out of rifle ammunition and have to storm trenches with hand weapons and bayonets. it would also serve to make the match progressively change tactics, and keep excitement right to the last moments of the game. Just my 2 cents on how to make the awesome melee system more applicable. It would allow the really cool hand combat system of BTW to really shine if instances occurred more frequently. So far, most times I have charged with bayonet or melee weapon, I have been gunned down right at close quarters. I think most players rely too much on rifles/pistols. I think this addition would make matches progressively get more exciting! Really love the game so far.
  20. It appears the game is a bit more popular on the Europe servers.....good! At least maybe it will hang in there long enough to catch on here in the states!
  21. 2 servers occupied on a Tuesday night...7 pm eastern....about 105 players between them. I am afraid this game is DOA. Too bad, it has potential, but it needs a catch.
  22. Most of the machine guns were French. Nothingn has been added as far as weapons go. There are certainly many weapons that need to be added as we go.
  23. I suggested this feature on the discord server ill post it here as well so more people can view it, but in some time in the future maybe add an option for the NCO to spawn a sandbag version (current MG nest) or just the bi-pod version of the MG like in the picture below. Take squad for example they have the bunker 50. cal and the bi pod 50. cal for FOBs.
  24. the game is in early access its to be expected so expect there to be some optimization issues with the maps or the game in general
  25. i totally agree i played as commander a day ago and no one was listening to me as a commander i had to give a pep talk at the end of the match on how communication is needed in a game like BTW only 1 out of like 4-5 squads was actually communicating with me
  26. i was just able to counter a close quarters rifle shot with a club, it was nice. I seeded the server at a 5v5 and seemed to play fairly well. once i found what key's are most comfortable for me to attach my bayonet. i use x and it seems to work out pretty good. It feels like having the bayonet attached dampers accuracy. https://i.imgur.com/vlS6ve6.jpeg I also noticed this on a screen ZONNEBEKE, I'm waiting for the map to populate i think the last issue i had was with lag on servers with a high volume of players. i'm noticing some rubber banding on this map as well. https://i.imgur.com/kVBN8S8.png https://i.imgur.com/4zBN03q.png After sitting on the idea about this game. if the rubber banding gets fixed add more stuff to build. Pros cutting the wire is nice the rifle grenade is also super satisfying The animation for fixing your bayonets ( especially while falling to the ground) Team play in the trenches with medics works out well https://playbtw.com this web page is nice. Cons The population is sometimes not there high ping rubber banding would love to see more items to build and other factions
  27. I don't know if there's 1 i don't have the game I'm saving up for it.
  28. Can a controller be used in this game?
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